Gender Equity Resources

The Minnesota College Athletic Conference (MCAC) is committed to the principle that every student-athlete should have a fair opportunity to compete in athletics and learn from the value of sport. Additionally, the National Junior College Athletic Association (NJCAA) is fully committed to a fair and equitable athletic experience for student-athletes and coaches within two-year college athletic departments. 

It is the belief of the Minnesota College Athletic Conference that Gender Equity is more than being in compliance with Federal and state guidelines.

It is a commitment to do what is right and fair for all student-athletes, coaches and programs. This commitment includes the creation of an atmosphere and culture where opportunities and resources are distributed fairly all student-athletes, regardless of gender, resulting in a framework where no person experiences discrimination on the basis of gender.

It is the position of the Minnesota College Athletic Conference that its member schools must monitor their athletic programs to ensure that athletic offerings are equitable and meet the interests and abilities of student-athletes.

While the Minnesota College Athletic Conference does not have the authority to provide specific interpretations or to rule on compliance issues regarding Title IX, the MCAC does believe that all concerned should take the requisite steps to ensure that the spirit and intent of gender equity, as well as legal compliance, is met by all member college athletic programs. 

To assist in the pursuit of Gender Equity and to assist with Title IX compliance, please visit the resources below.  

The Tucker Center for Research on Girls & Women in Sport

The Women's Sports Foundation

NJCAA Trailblazers Press Release

To suggest additional resources, offer feedback or express concerns in regards to Gender Equity and Title IX compliance, the Minnesota College Athletic Conference please contact: