2020 Baseball /Softball Preview Form (MCAC Webservices)

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Example: Laura Smith, 3 years at Johnson CC, 60-48 overall
Example: Bill Jones, Pitching Coach, Gary Johnson, Hitting Coach, Susan Lee, Athletic Trainer
Example: Jill Thomas, Duluth, Mn, RHP; Susan Thompson, Austin, Mn, SS-2B; Kelly Rameriz, Detroit, MI
Example: "We return LHP Christy Jones who won 10 games last year and Beth Goetz has looked solid in pre-season. We will need our freshman to step up in the bullpen."
Example: "We return CF Helen Blake who hit .343 last year and had 10 hrs. Janet Speed has the potential to get a lot of extra bases this year. We will need our lead-off players to get on base."
Example: Comments on a new facility, teams you will play on spring trip, etc.
The two photos can include two head shots, two action shots, or one of each. Please identify the players in the photo.
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